Why Tesla Owners are Smiling (and You Can Be, Too)

Buyer’s remorse? That is rarely the domain of Tesla owners. For years, Tesla owners have topped the owner satisfaction surveys from Consumer Reports. So what is to love about Teslas? Let’s dive into some of the top (and most fun) features of Teslas.

Design. Teslas are known for their sleek and minimalist designs that are modern and appealing. Different models have different design features that wow, from the glass roof on the Model 3 to the falcon wing doors on the Model X. And Teslas don’t even have to sacrifice comfort for style.

Tesla app. The Tesla app has numerous features that make Tesla ownership fun. Here are a few:

Climate control. Using the app you can pre-heat or pre-cool your Tesla so it is just right when you get in your car.

Find car. Forgot where you parked? Not a problem with the “find car” function in the Tesla app. You could also locate the car if stolen (as long as the remote services functionality has not been disabled).

Request roadside assistance. If you’re stuck with car trouble, help is just a few “app taps” away.

Schedule service. You can easily schedule time for your Tesla to be serviced within the app.

Stall availability. Not only can you find the next supercharge station, but you can also determine the number of available stalls.

Open the car. The trunk, frunk (front trunk), doors, and windows can all be opened from the app.

Summon mode. If you don’t want to walk to your car, you can use summon mode to bring the car to you. This driverless feature utilizes the sensors and navigation to get the car where you need it to be without having to do it yourself. It would come in handy if you have heavy items you don’t want to lug to your car, or if you were caught in a rainstorm and wanted the car to meet you at the door.

Sentry mode. Activating sentry mode in the app will record passersby and potential vandals or thieves for extra security using the cameras and sensors around the vehicle.

Valet mode. This mode will limit the functions of the car and allow you to remotely lock the glovebox, trunk, and frunk storage areas.

Safety. Teslas have earned top safety ratings across the board from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This is because they are completely surrounded by ultrasonic sensors and 360 degree cameras that detect cars and other obstacles to prevent potential collisions. Tesla did lose top ratings in some categories for Model 3 and Y vehicles produced after April 27of this year when they decided to stop using radar in their safety systems. However, Tesla says it is transitioning to a new “Tesla Vision” system that relies on cameras and short-range sonar sensors that should make their cars safer than ever.

Driving. Owners report that Teslas are ridiculously fun to drive due to their superb handling and smooth driving. Teslas also have fast acceleration, with the new Model S Plaid going from 0 to 60 mph in under 2 seconds.

Charging. Charging your Tesla is less expensive than filling up a tank of gas. Some areas offer free charging to incentivize drivers who switch to electric vehicles. You can also set up charging at your own home, so you can wake up to a fully charged vehicle every morning. The Supercharger network is now well established within the United States.

Trip Planner. The Trip Planner function allows you to enter a destination on the touchscreen of the Tesla, and your route will automatically be calculated with Superchargers along the way. Not only does the Trip Planner serve as a navigation system, but in its calculations, it considers driving style, elevation, outside temperature, traffic, stall availability, and more to ensure your charge will last between stops.

Autopilot. While driver supervision is still needed while a Tesla is in autopilot, this mode does allow the car to steer, accelerate, and brake within its lane.

Storage. Model S can tote as much gear as an SUV. All Teslas have a frunk (a front trunk), which gives more storage space in the front where your vehicle doesn’t have to have a gas tank.

Environmentally friendly. There is some debate as to the net emissions needed to power electric vehicles versus gas powered vehicles. Currently, the electricity that powers electric vehicles comes mostly from burning coal and natural gas. But as energy sources become more efficient and clean, Teslas will already be ahead of the game by still generating zero tailpipe emissions.

Automatic updates. Every other vehicle that is equipped with a computer needs to be brought to the dealer to get updates. This process could take several days. Tesla, on the other hand, has their software update automatically so you don’t even need to think about it.

Break from tradition. Tesla owners love that Tesla is innovative and smashes standard car conventions. It says a lot that 91% of Tesla owners would purchase a Tesla again if they had the chance.

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