Is it Safe to Buy a Car with a Salvaged Title?

Waterskiing. Rock climbing. Riding a bicycle. Driving a car. Do you consider these activities safe or unsafe? They could fall into either category, depending on what precautions you take. Similarly, the question of whether it’s safe to buy a car with a branded title depends on the precautions you take—who you buy it from and what you know about the vehicle’s history.

What is a Branded Title?

Understanding whether it’s safe to buy a car with a branded title begins with understanding some terminology. Though terms and titling requirements vary from state to state, you’ll want to know these general definitions.

• Branded Title – A title brand is an official designation made by a state agency. It indicates a vehicle has sustained damage and/or may possibly be unsafe to drive. Some title brands used in various states include Salvage, Junk, Lemon, Rebuilt, Reconstructed, Totaled, Flood, Hail, etc. At TJ Chapman Auto, the two types of branded title you want to understand are Salvage and Rebuilt/Restored.

• Salvage or Salvaged Title – When a vehicle is damaged, the insurance company decides whether to repair it or declare it a total loss, or “totaled.” Sometimes when a car is declared totaled, the damage is severe, compromising the vehicle’s safety. But at times, the damage is to the body of the vehicle only. Sometimes it could just be that the airbag blew. When an automobile is declared totaled, it doesn’t always mean the cost to repair the vehicle exceeds its market value. Sometimes it’s only half the market value. If the insurance company declares the vehicle totaled, it will then be designated Salvage or Salvaged by a state agency. Branding the title makes automobile buyers aware of the previous damage. It may be difficult or impossible to finance and/or insure a car with a salvaged title. That doesn’t sound so safe!

• Rebuilt Title – A salvaged vehicle that has been repaired and restored to safe operation is designated Rebuilt/Restored. Unlike clean title used cars, rebuilt titles must go through a safety inspection. At TJ Chapman Auto, we sell rebuilt title vehicles that have not only been restored to safe operation, but meticulously repaired and restored in both functionality and appearance to “like new” condition.

TJ Chapman Auto’s Process Protects You

How does a vehicle end up at TJ Chapman Auto with a rebuilt title? Our rigorous multi-step process is designed to provide you, our customer, a safe and beautiful vehicle that you will enjoy driving for years to come. First, a vehicle sustains damage. It might be a collision, or possibly hail, theft, flood, or fire. It is declared totaled and written off by the insurer. It goes to an insurance auction, where it is purchased by one of our model-specific rebuilders. These rebuilders, our trusted partners, repair the car fully to pre-damage condition. At that point, TJ himself inspects the vehicle. He will purchase the vehicle only if it meets our high standards and if he can provide a significant savings to you.

The vehicle is then shipped to our dealership. After arrival it undergoes a 150-point inspection and is given a thorough detail inside and out. Only then does it merit being placed on our lot and put up for sale online for our nationwide remote buyers.

Full Transparency Provides Peace of Mind

That all sounds great, right? But we know that telling you about our process isn’t quite enough to provide the peace of mind you deserve when buying a car. The only way to safely buy a branded title vehicle is to know the car’s full history by accessing this information from Carfax or Autocheck. TJ Chapman Auto believes in full transparency. We hide nothing from you. We will provide you the Carfax report and all information about how the repairs were done. This standard of honesty and transparency is unique in the industry. For our customers, we would have it no other way.

We welcome you to have your potential car inspected by a mechanic of your choice, as well. This is another great way to ensure a branded title purchase is a safe purchase.

So, Is it Safe to Buy a Car with a Salvaged Title?

Only if it has a rebuilt title from a trustworthy dealer. You’ll want a dealer with a sterling reputation who:

  • Hand-selects only the best salvaged vehicles
  • Rebuilds the vehicles to exacting standards so they are “like new” and can be financed and insured
  • Inspects the vehicles, then inspects them again (AND guarantees that they are state safety-inspected, too)
  • Provides you with a CarFax report and tells you about all repairs with full transparency

At TJ Chapman, you can believe we give a lot more TLC to our cars than is given to the clean title trade-ins on other lots. And the savings are phenomenal!

Safety AND Savings with a Rebuilt Title from TJ Chapman Auto

Like a life jacket while waterskiing, a harness while rock climbing, or a helmet while riding a bike, TJ Chapman Auto’s honesty, experience, and process keep you safe when buying a rebuilt title vehicle. “Top Quality. Rock Bottom Prices” is TJ Chapman’s personal promise to you.

At TJ Chapman Auto, our honesty, process, and experience make buying a car with a rebuilt title not just safe, but a sure bet that can save you thousands of dollars on the car you want.

Are you looking for a quality pre-owned vehicle? Explore our entire inventory of both rebuilt and clean title vehicles today.