Purchasing a branded title car can turn out to be a great deal or a huge money pit, so inspecting before you buy is crucial. Our car gurus offered some specific areas on which you may want to focus as you look over the vehicle.
What are the most important aspects of a branded title car inspection?

Melanie Musson

Melanie Musson is a vehicle inspection expert with CarInsuranceComparison.com.

Look Out for Wheel Alignment and Water Damage Issues

One of the most important things to check on a vehicle with a branded title is the wheel alignment. If the wheels aren’t aligned, it could indicate that the frame is bent or that the repair shop took shortcuts when replacing tie-rods or axles.

You should also inspect for water damage. You do not want a vehicle that has been in a flood. If the title doesn’t indicate why the vehicle was declared a total loss, you could be dealing with a flooded vehicle and not know it. Flooded cars often have a musty smell from mildew and mold. You can also look under floor mats for signs of water damage.

Do Your Homework, Inspect the Car Thoroughly

Because branded title means that a vehicle may have sustained damage that is related to an accident. It can be a fire, a flood from the course of its use, or even theft. Although the only person who can assign a branded title and register its document is a state official, as the buyer you should also further check.

Do your research and inspect as much as you can. This way, you will not regret having to buy one. Buying a used car may be economical but there will always be a risk that comes along with it. Check all the documents, all the history for your safety as well as your family (if they will be using the car with you).

What are the most important aspects of a branded title car inspection?

Robert Banks

Robert Banks, Founder of MrStocks.
What are the most important aspects of a branded title car inspection?

Dave McCurdy

Dave McCurdy is the content developer and Marketing manager for ecodrivingusa.com website.

Always Check the VIN

Check the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for previous sales and see the brand printed on the ownership certificate. Discard if the title is branded as salvage, irreparable, or stolen. Look out for dents, mismatched paints, uneven alignment of body parts, and check the activation of airbags. I advise that you let a mechanic inspect the car to know if any repairs are needed.

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