Everyone wants the best deal on a car, and that cheap car on Craigslist can be very appealing.

Sometimes used car dealers and dentists get lumped into the same category of “Places we never ever want to go.” But, not all used car dealerships are created equally, and there are some real benefits to working with a dealer rather than going through a private seller.

It isn’t just about the best deal, it is about getting the best car, and sometimes a used car dealer can help you make both happen. Let’s take a look at five reasons you should give a used car dealership a chance:

5 Reasons to Buy Your Next Used Car From a Dealership vs. a Private Seller

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1. Selection

The internet is a marvelous thing, and you can find a decent variety of cars on your local online marketplace, but it won’t compare to the variety you can find with a used car dealership. Not only do they have cars on their lot, but they also often have access to nationwide networks.

When you take the time to do your research and narrow down your car search to just a few makes and models, scanning the internet ads might take a long time to track down a winner. But, taking that make and model to a trustworthy dealership means they can do the footwork for you and connect you with some great options.

2. Financing

If you are buying from a private seller you must either have the cash in hand or use a bank or credit union for a personal loan. These can have higher interest rates, which will increase your monthly payment and the overall price. Suddenly, the “cheap” car on Facebook isn’t so cheap anymore.

Used car dealerships can often offer you a financing package. Whatever your credit, they want to keep your business all in one place, so they are motivated to work with you to make a monthly payment that will work well for you and your budget. There are simply more options when you opt for the dealership.

3. Warranties and Reviews

Unless you are buying from a personal friend, you probably won’t know much about the person selling you their car. Sure, you can stalk them on social media, but that might not give you a clear picture, and they might not have much of a social media presence.

This can be risky when you are making a significant investment.. All kinds of relevant facts could be obscured, and you could end up with a lemon. It is no fun to approach the world with a skeptical attitude, but you also want to protect yourself when contemplating this big of a purchase.

Used car dealerships, however, live or die based on word of mouth. There are Google reviews, Yelp reviews, and even Facebook reviews. Everywhere you look you can read about people’s experiences with a used car dealership. The internet isn’t your only source of information, believe it or not! Ask friends and family that live in your area. See if they’ve had any positive experiences with local dealerships. That research can help you find a dealer that you can trust.

Trusting the dealership is important, but a dealership that can back up its word with a warranty is another huge benefit to dealing with a used car dealer as opposed to a private seller. Private sellers can offer a firm handshake, but once the deal is done they have no responsibility to you whatsoever. Dealerships will often offer a variety of warranties. This will provide peace of mind, not just on the drive home but for the long-term.

4. Knowledge is Power

The more you know the better decision you can make. And a private seller might have limited knowledge or a limited desire to tell you everything. But, a used car dealership has regulations to follow and has to make the car’s history available to you. While you can do your own sleuthing on a variety of sites, you will learn more about a car at a dealership than you will from the guy with the internet ad.

Some key information you want to know involves past accidents, maintenance records, and trouble spots. Generally, a used car dealership will only buy cars that they feel comfortable selling. They will have a mechanic take a good look at the vehicle and will be able to tell you if anything was replaced and why.

5. Rebuilt Title Car Options

A rebuilt title car (also referred to as a branded title car or restored title car) is a wonderful option if you are in the market for a used car. These are rarely an option for private sellers because of the work that goes into them. A branded title car is a car that was involved in an accident that rendered it a “total loss.” Because of this, they are often newer cars than you might find in your price range from a private seller.

Don’t be scared by the past of a rebuilt car. A reputable branded title dealership has a team of experts that takes a damaged car and restores it to great running order, passing inspections that allow a new title to be issued. This means you can get a nicer car at a nicer price! It is a fantastic option and generally only available at a dealership that specializes in these kinds of restorations. Those dealerships will know everything you want to know about that car, which is also a valuable commodity.

A car is an important purchase and getting a low price matters, but not as much as getting the right car at the right price. If you live in Utah, our used car dealership can help you do just that. And if you live out of state, no problem. We can help you find the car you’re looking for through our website, and you can pick it up or have it delivered. Trust us, it is so much more fun than the dentist.


Procuring the greatest automobile is more important than just obtaining the best bargain, and a used car dealer may occasionally be able to support you in doing both. We can assist you in finding the automobile you’re searching for, and you can either pick it up or have it delivered.

5 Reasons to Buy Your Next Used Car From a Dealership vs. a Private Seller